Heute keine Projektion: Penetration/João César Monteiro

some further thoughts on penetration: penetration as loosing innocence

a question I asked Albert Serra two years ago:

Let’s continue with another feeling: In your film I felt a strong desire for the women, their innocence and the way you show them. But at the same time I also had the desire to die.

I am cold and I am passionate. Maybe it is the mix of those to attributes you feel there.  I am dangerous. I have a lot of determination but without a goal. The same is true for the characters in the film. They desire but they don’t have a true object of desire. There is no proper goal in my film. It is just a dead desire. There are no concrete feelings for me. Though it may be sensual and sometimes erotic the characters cannot feel true desire without objects. And as you mentioned the women in the film,  I like them, too. Especially one of them, she has a very provocative face. And that is exactly why I don’t use her face in my film. I think of filmmakers as spectators. Let me explain that. I see the girl and I like her. But I don’t want to interfere, I don’t want to touch her or give her any meaning. I feel very close to Andy Warhol in this aspect. He talked a lot about manipulating without touching. Of course, I manipulate. I shoot, I edit, I change things until long after the shooting. But I won’t touch materiality. It is almost a catholic thought. The idea of sacred materiality, it is a kind of spiritual metamorphosis for me. At the same time I feel it to be more respectful. What ultimately arrives is a strange mixture of naturalism and artificiality.

how to achieve innocence? how to film innocence? the moment you capture it on film, it is not innocent anymore…

„Wretches! ye loved her for her wealth and hated her for her pride,

And when she fell in feeble health, ye blessed her- that she died!

How shall the ritual, then, be read?- the requiem how be sung

By you- by yours, the evil eye,- by yours, the slanderous tongue

That did to death the innocence that died, and died so young?“

(Lenore-Edgar Allan Poe)

penetration as death of innocence

but then there is João César Monteiro (filming an innocent death of innocence; trembling in beauty)

Give me arms and horses, wars will be mine



You have long tresses sister, you will be known.

– With sharp scissors they will be cut short.


You have a shy look sister, you will be known.

– When I am with men, I will not look down.


You have a pale face sister, you will be known.

– With three days on the road, the sun will darken it.


You have erect shoulders sister, you will be known.

– May my weapons be heavy for my shoulders to fall.


You have a high bosom sister, you will be known.

– I will shrink my bosom into my heart within.

Silvestre7You have gentle hands sister, you will be known.

– There will be wind and rain that will toughen them.


You have broad hips sister, you will be known.

– They will be under my doublet, men will never see them.


You have dainty feet sister, you will be known.

– I will put them in boots and they will never be shown.


You will be afraid in battle sister, you will be known.

– I will know how to be a man with my lance in my hand.


You will fall in love sister, you will be known.

– Those who speak to me of love will pay dearly for it.



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